Capacitors for parallel and series compensation of discharge lamps


Serie MFP-F


250 Vac  50/60 Hz -25C+85C

280 Vac  50 Hz      -25C+85C

The ballasts of fluorescent lamps fittings can be parallel or series compensated. For each of these applications, ITALFARAD produces suitable capacitors.

 For parallel compensation applications, the MFP-F “type A” range with thermoplastic case and also, MFR-25, MFR-1 and MFR-40 “type B” ranges with metallic case (equipped with overpressure protection device) are used.

 The MFP-F range is particularly suitable for use with fluorescent lamps. MFR-25, MFR-1 and MFR-40 ranges are ideal for compensation of mercury, metal halide and sodium high pressure lamps.

 For series compensation, we have available MFR-45 “type B” ranges, in aluminium case, equipped with an overpressure protection device.

 With regard to the working environment, we recommend the MFP-F range for temperate climate and MFR-25, MFR-1 or MFR-45 ranges for tropical climates.

 All these capacitors utilize metalized  polypropylene dielectric which has inherent self-healing properties.

 ITALFARAD capacitors are able to solve any power factor correction problem in lighting applications. The high quality and reliability, with long experience in his field, bring ITALFARAD to a world leader position.

 All our capacitors are ENEC approved according to European Standards EN61048+AII(1999) and EN61049. The manufacturing process is CSQ approved according to ISO 9001/2000 Standards.

Furthermore, several strict tests verify the capacitors security by means of a “destruction” test.

MFR-1 series are also UL/ULc (construction only) homologated

Serie MFR-25


250 Vac  50/60 Hz -40C+100C







Serie MFR-1


280 Vac  50/60 Hz -40C+100C

310 Vac  50 Hz      -40C+100C

Serie MFR-40


400 Vac  50 Hz -40C+85C

Serie MFR-45


480 Vac  50/60 Hz -40C+100C

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